Iliad Financial Services

2 lines went from $249 to $120 a month and we added on another 2 lines to save an additional $180, plus we got free phones!

Global Remanufacturing

We experienced a savings of $774 a year just on cell phone usage for 2 people.

Pike Systems, Inc.

We had 5 phones and add 3 more to have 8 cellphones with Sprint for basically the same price as 5 with Verizon.

The transition from AT&T to Sprint was quick and uncomplicated. We added 2 phones to bring our plan to 4 for almost the same cost.

Lighting Inc

The discount we received from the Sprint Program has saved us over $10,000 annually.

Kwik Kar of Mineral Wells

The opportunity to become a business account and to save money is an added benefit with great perks.