Social Media Guidelines

  • Need to know what hashtags to use?
  • Want to find our logos in different sizes? 
  • Just need some advice on how to post on LinkedIn or Facebook? 

You’ve come to the right place!

Savings4Memebers Logos

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This is our Bug logo. It’s great for simple posts. However, it doesn’t have our full name so it doesn’t work audiences that don’t know us very well.

This is our Stacked Vertical Logo. Because this logo is simple but informative, it’s perfect to have just by itself in posts. 

This is our Horizontal Logo. It is the most official looking logo and is great to use in emails, newsletters, or as a header/footer on social media postings.


Hashtags are important to help make sure your social media posts find the right people. You should aim to have about 2-5 hashtags per post. Try mixing broad, niche, and location-based tags for maximum reach. Need hashtag ideas? Check out our hashtag library below for specific hashtags!

Tag Library