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How Your Business Can Stop Fuel Theft

It’s always good to trust your people, but for small businesses in the United States, a sad reality is that you may be losing more than you think from theft. A recent report by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners [PDF]  shows that businesses lose 5% of their annual revenue to employee fraud and abuse.

On top of this, businesses with fewer than 150 employees are said to be the most vulnerable because they lack the internal controls that larger firms possess. Fortunately, member businesses across the country can start to patch this vulnerability with fuel benefits that come as a feature of membership. Learn more below about fuel theft from Wex, the expert on fueling your small business.

Are you a victim of fuel theft?

Businesses everywhere fall prey to fuel theft, and far too often it’s difficult to detect. More and more small businesses are taking advantage of the discounts and safeguards that come with a dedicated fleet card. How do you fuel your fleet?

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Your membership eliminates the threat of fuel theft

Never worry about driver dishonesty with the fuel card made possible by your member benefits. (Discounts on every drop of gas help, too)

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