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How to Stay On Top of Shipping in a Busy Holiday Season

Does your need for shipping skyrocket during the busy season? If not – you might consider yourself lucky. But for some small businesses, a busy season can completely change the game when it comes to getting orders out and on the road in a timely fashion. Need some ideas to stay on top of shipping this holiday season? Try some of the simple, easy to implement tactics below: 

Plan early, plan often

When is your busiest season? If it’s the peak holiday season (as is the case for many, especially those in retail) then early is never early enough. Preparation for the holiday season should be a recurring feature on your calendar. 

But what if your busy seasons are smaller or more sporadic? In that case – take some time to analyze your sales trends and sprinkle planning and preparation into your calendar as needed. There’s no excuse to not be prepared!

Preassemble everything you can

If you have the space it can be incredibly helpful to get everything ready beforehand to streamline shipping during your biggest rushes. Chefs call it “mise en place” or “everything in its place” – and ensuring you have everything you need prepared and ready to go can be a game-changer when it comes to getting home at a reasonable hour during the busy-season. This means: pre-assembled boxes, orders, and all the supplies you need.

Hire part time help

Have you ever felt strapped for resources when it comes to meeting the needs of an order influx? More workload often means a need for more help. Don’t let pride stand in your way! Sometimes, you just need an extra pair of hands. But don’t forget – if your busy period is the holiday season, remember that everyone needs extra help this time of year. Plan for this early so you’re not stuck stuffing boxes on your own!

Use Your Member Benefits

Did you know you can save on shipping and shipping supplies with your member benefits?
Make your next busy-season more profitable than ever

Connect with Your Savings Team

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