Did someone say unlimited vacation? Yes, that is correct!

In 2017, companies, like Buffer, are breaking the norm to provide more for their employees. Unlimited Vacation is one of the most recent benefits their employees are receiving. Buffer pays their employees an extra $1,000 to take a paid vacation. This is being offered because they discovered in 2015, 55% of employees didn’t utilize their vacation time.

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Unlimited Vacation

Although unlimited vacation is rare, companies are finding more ways to make their employees happier. Working from home (telecommuting) is on the rise. This provides employees with more flexible hours and eliminates the hassles of commuting during rush hour. In a recent ADP study, “51% of employees indicated they telecommute occasionally and 24% telecommute 5 days a week”. It seems that telecommuting for work will continue to be a popular option for companies to offer, but unlimited vacation isn’t out of the realm of possibilities.

Work from Home

Whether it’s more time off or increased flexibility, employees want additional benefits, and companies are adapting to implement these workplace trends.

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