How the Savings4Members Team is Growing

This past year has brought many new challenges and opportunities as Savings4Members continues to help members across the country succeed. As our new fiscal year begins, we are excited to announce we are increasing our staff and creating new roles to better serve our members and group executives. Take a look at our staff updates and promotions to see how our organization is growing to better serve our partners.

Introducing: the Accounts Team

While the Savings4Members Accounts team might be our newest team, it’s important to note that its leaders are hardly new to our organization or yours. The accounts team has been created to help you – because when more organizations find it easier to support their members, everyone wins. The accounts team works with you directly to understand your organization, your members, and how our partnership can benefit both.  

Veronica Pratt | Account Relationship Manager

Veronica has worked directly with members and organizations like yours for over 9 years. Needless to say – she knows how members think and she’s helped too many organizations to count do more for members.

Rachael DiOrio | Account Relationship Specialist

Rachael works with Veronica to support you by understanding your organization, your members, and your needs. From coordinating member outreach to scheduling the shows, conferences, and meetings that tie it all together – Rachael keeps her finger on the pulse of it all.

New Updates to the Savings Team

Comprised of Savings Coordinators who reach out to your members every day and the Savings Consultants who advise each member on making the most of membership, the savings team is the heart of Savings4Members, working on the front-line to help each and every organization prove just how much membership matters.  

Dan Pramis 
Savings Coordinator Manager

Dan works with our team of Savings Coordinators, the largest team in our organization, focused wholly on reaching out to your members on a weekly basis to educate them on how to make the most of membership. 

Derek Trotochaud 
Savings Coordinator Assistant Manager

After years of experience as a Savings Consultant, Derek uses his expertise working directly with members to help lead our team of savings coordinators as they educate members, represent your organization, and make your membership more successful.

Melissa Thome
Savings Consultant Manager

Melissa now leads our team of savings consultants, working directly with members every day to pinpoint their needs and dive-deep to ensure they’re using the member benefits that make membership meaningful & business more successful

Ashley Wheeler | Savings Consultant

Beginning as a Savings Coordinator, Ashley quickly demonstrated a knack for connecting with members week after week. Moving to our Consultant team will be a new  challenge we know Ashley is up for.

Nikki Burke | Savings Consultant

Nikki also started out as one of our Savings Coordinators. Her innate ability to understand your members’ needs and her encyclopedic knowledge of the opportunities available to help them succeed make Nikki a perfect fit on our consultant team

Andrea Bimonte | Savings Consultant

Andrea is our Savings Consultant who specializes in the early childhood education industry.  Andrea brings her unique perspective and experience to an Industry with its own unique needs to help educators and childcare professionals streamline, save, and grow.

What does membership mean to your members?

Savings4Members exists to leverage unbeatable buying power & innovation to tip the scale for independent businesses in your industry.

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