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How to hit your sales targets with members-only consumer financing

Learn how in-store financing could be your ticket to increased sales this holiday season

These days, consumers want options. When it comes to shopping, they certainly have them. And for better or worse – they’ve become accustomed to them.

By combining the scale of 100+ industry associations, Savings4Members offers  individual member businesses access to the same rates and features that the big box stores have.  What we’ve learned from this is simple, in-store financing works – and not just for retail. From plumbing and the automotive industry to specialty retail, members across the spectrum have found that many customers appreciate consumer financing. It’s not surprising why, consider some scenarios…

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3 ways consumer financing can help you hit your sales targets

More buying power, more upgrades

In a recent report Retail Dive reported that 87% of consumers start their product search online. That means, many times – they already know what they want. Whether it’s the next version up, an upgrade, or an accessory – consumer financing lets them keep their cash on hand, get the product they really want, and benefit from a long term promotional rate.

Get it all now...

Sometimes, customers might be planning renovations, repairs, or a series of large purchases. With consumer financing, they can get it all at once and pay over time instead of making multiple trips 

Make last minute repairs or replacements more manageable

Nobody looks forward to unexpected home, auto, or equipment repairs- and many times, customers are reluctant to spend emergency cash. Long term promotional rates are an easy way to get a sigh of relief and a sale from customers who would rather budget an affordable monthly payment than dip into their rainy-day fund.

Sell More, Save More

Offer private labelled financing, just like the big box stores

In-store financing makes big purchases easier and more manageable for customers of all kinds. Learn how this exclusive benefit can help your store sell more, save more, and satisfy more customers this year. 

How much more the average cardholder spends


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How to talk about financing

Synchrony has empowered my company to compete with interest free financing offered by the big box retailers. My average sales ticket has gone from $4000 to $6000 using this service the past year. Customers have expressed how pleased they have been with the convenient and fast credit approval times and having my final payments direct deposited by Synchrony right after completion has increased my company cash flow.

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