How to cut costs and boost cash flow with your member benefits

As the world reacts to new and evolving challenges, members like you have a unique set of benefits that can help. If cash flow is a concern, we encourage you to explore the discounts and cost-cutting opportunities exclusively available to you as a member. Below, we will cover:

  1. How your member cost-cutting benefits can boost cash flow, and how your member savings experts can help

  2. Recommended discounts and benefits that will make a quick and lasting impact on your bottom line

Before making major changes, let your Savings Experts chip away at your operating costs

Get Started on Your Member Savings Dashboard

1. How your member benefits work

You became a member for a reason and it pays to stick together, especially when the unexpected becomes reality. Today, members across the country are finding new value in member cost-cutting benefits and hands-on support from their Savings4Members Savings Experts.

Access your benefits

Access your member savings dashboard at With nothing but your business email, this logs you into a unique dashboard that provides easy access to all of your discount opportunities.

Activate your discounts

Activate the discounts that make the most sense for your business, just click the appropriate card to learn about your benefits and unlock better prices for a wide variety of services and supplies.  

Add up daily cost savings

Save more every day as you take advantage of your member benefits in categories like facility supplies, office supplies,  payment processing, fuel, and much more

How your Savings Experts can help

As a member, you have access to a full team of Savings Experts that help businesses like yours take full advantage of their member benefits every day. Here’s how they can help you:

Exploring your opportunities: Your savings team will take a few minutes to get to know your business, understand your overhead, and recommend where your membership can make an impact.

Helping you save with your existing vendors: Many members have existing relationships with vendors our network has pre-negotiated discounts with. In these situations, your Savings Expert will do the legwork to apply your discounts where possible. 

Assisting with setup and utilization: When cost and time savings are essential, your Savings Team will take the lead on ensuring your discounts are applied as quickly as possible. 

2. Recommended Member Benefits

The Savings4Members network is comprised of over 1.1 million small businesses from some of the best membership groups in North America. This is how members like you get access to greater scale and more reliable cost-cutting tools. 

Quick cost cutting, for day to day savings

Looking for a fast and easy way to cut costs? Your discounts on supplies, fuel, and shipping require minimal setup to start saving right away. 


Setting up your Office Depot account is free and happens in minutes. A wide variety of discounts make shopping for everyday supplies cheaper, and greater availability of sanitation and cleaning supplies will be useful for every member. 


Gas prices are always changing, but members can count on savings of 8 to 25 cents per gallon. Taking advantage of this member benefit helps businesses of every kind make the most of every mile. 


Many industry forecasts predict shipping volume to increase this year. Shipping discounts available to members make a vital link in your supply chain more efficient with special deals from UPS, Lamprey, and YRC to reduce costs significantly.

A little bit of work, with a long term impact

This is where your Savings Team shines. By providing just a few details about your business, they can activate programs that provide significant bottom-line savings. Some suggested benefits include:

Payment Processing

Fees from payment processing can have a significant impact on your bottom line. Do you have the lowest fees possible? Members can expect an analysis of their current rates and fees within 24-28 hours. Once complete, your Savings Experts can get you from application to more cost-effective transactions in 45 minutes. 


Many members with high waste and recycling costs often wish they had their Savings Experts audit waste expenses sooner. Analysis can take 2 weeks, but long term savings are often significant. 

HR & Payroll

With industry leading resources available from ADP (at a lower cost for members), now is as good a time as ever to consider outsourcing functions like payroll. With added benefits like, 24/7 HR support to answer benefit/pay related questions, and some of the best PEO benefits in the industry – your member HR and Payroll discounts through ADP are worth learning more about. 

Your Savings Team is Standing By

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